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About Skeleton

Leveraging a decade of experience in the auction industry. Barnebys Group has developed the world’s best and most user-friendly online auction software, making it easier than ever for auction houses and traders to become digital players. 


Skeleton is praised by the industry as both simple and logical. The software not only allows customers to streamline activity, and offer everything in one place, but users can also choose graphics and content that best fit their brand. 


It brings its users with an overview of every stage of an auction or retail sale using an effective CMS system and customised solutions for their businesses. Its user-friendly environment provides logical solutions that promote sales and save time.


The entire journey is simple and intuitive, from accepting objects, registering sellers and cataloguing, to sales and freight solutions. The whole process is much more time-efficient and effective as everything is in one place.


Let Skeleton become the backbone of your business.

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