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Skeleton Use-Cases

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Design your own website

Selling and shopping online needs to be a simple, stress-free and fun process. New Skeleton users can choose how their site should be designed – as a brand new website or a page from an already existing site.

Skeleton's talented designers will help you through the process and will create a customised and user-friendly design that will suit your business and operate at the highest level.

Set up your auction

Dynamic bidding during the auction

When the auction is underway, the auction house continually posts up-to-date information about the bidding – the system is updated in real time and there is a clear countdown before the hammer comes down. It is simple to gain an overview and reports of the current bidding in relation to the valuation, and to highlight and focus on selected objects during an auction.

Live auction

Would you like more visitors to be at your physical auctions? Skeleton’s Live Auctions make it easy to attract global bidders and invite them to be there on site.

Skeleton’s live video streaming has a high technical quality, while the administration used in the Live Auction makes digital bidding seamless for both the bidder and the auctioneer. Screen solutions provide users with a full view of the objects and the auctioneer, and they can also see themselves.

Skeleton’s Live Auction makes it painless to prepare and place bids if a customer is going to be absent (as long as the customer would like to be involved). The platform also offers a solution to bid by phone.

Security is an important aspect when large amounts of money are involved in the bidding. Skeleton’s Live Auctions boast a high level of security and protect both the money and the auction houses by using unique user identities.

No administration after the auction

Once the hammer comes down on the objects, all the relevant data is in place. Skeleton enables companies to manage invoicing using different credit card solutions, payments and contracts with sellers based on several payment models, taxes, freights and reports. Skeleton works with many third party suppliers of freight services.

Connect to a checkout store

Skeleton’s web shop enables art dealers, antique dealers and auction houses to offer objects at fixed prices to end customers.


The system makes it easy to post and remove goods, check on stocks and move objects seamlessly from or to an auction. The system allows prices to be managed with just a few clicks and the prices of objects can be changed quickly.


Payment is managed just as easily in the shop as with all other transactions on the platform. Buying through Skeleton’s platform should be easy. End customers have to register first and then, following a simple login process, they can access their own pages, which give them a complete overview. They can, for example, make new bids, look at the history of their previous bids and view notes on the objects they have acquired.


To make sure customers do not miss their favourite objects, it is easy for them to set alerts and enter their own notes – the user-friendly systems make it an attractive proposition to buy at auction houses that use Skeleton.


Users can access their invoices on their own pages as well as a full overview of transactions with the company.

Consigner & lot management

The convenient, flexible and practical CMS tool is at the heart of Skeleton. Using Skeleton is logical and seamless for auction houses, dealers and customers. Buying and selling online should be easy, painless and enjoyable.


Skeleton’s CMS solution simplifies the process of setting up and organising the entire auction. Data about the sellers and the unique transactions are registered and managed just as easily as the objects themselves. The objects are assigned unique customer numbers, trackable barcodes and object IDs. After the objects have been photographed, they are entered into the system quickly and simply. The preview function makes it easy to see what information will be presented when the auction goes live.

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