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Strengthen your brand and build genuine relationships

Own your customer data, understand your customers deeply and use what you learn to make your brand unique and personal.

Constant innovation

With Skeleton's continuous updates and new features, we guarantee a  modern and adaptable platform.

The customer in focus

Our dedicated team is always within reach, and committed to providing knowledgeable and helpful assistance. We're here for you!

Full visibility into your business

With a built-in analysis tool, you understand your business, your bidders and customers better. Make wise decisions and increase the value over time!

We help you reach customers all over the world

Increase your visibility and expand your customer network, regardless of their location. With automatic listing on Barnebys, you get increased exposure that reaches millions of potential customers both locally and worldwide.

You are important to us

We develop Skeleton together with you!

We are actively working on improvements based on your needs to facilitate your daily work.


Skeleton: The backbone of your auction house


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Skeleton has an intuitive interface, allowing us to effortlessly publish 100-200 lots per day. This enables us to quickly showcase larger estates or collections online.

Moreover, the direct integration with Barnebys ensures that our items are featured on Barnebys' search engine, providing significant exposure both in Sweden and worldwide

Martin Laurell, Hallands Auktionsverk

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Book a free demo today and explore the benefits of Skeleton!

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