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Why Skeleton?

We strive to make your experience as personal and tailored as possible.
Design your website the way you want, with the help of our knowledgeable designers, so your site reflects your brand. You will also own your user’s data, giving you a deeper understanding of customer behavior and allowing you to invest in your brand and future. 

Together with existing customers, we have developed Skeleton, and we continuously release new features and integrations to streamline the daily work. 

With Skeleton, you get a complete solution that takes care of the entire auction process - from the first customer contact to the final hammer strike

Our service

Live auctions

Combining tradition with modern technology, we are happy to support live auctions in Skeleton. We believe in simplicity and transparency, striving to make every live auction as seamless as possible for both you as the auctioneer and your bidders.

High-quality live streaming video

We offer an easy-to-use live streaming service, allowing your bidders to feel the dynamics of the auction no matter where they are.

Real-time updates

Skeleton updates bid information in real-time, ensuring a consistent auction experience whether your customers are at home or in the room.

Flexible bidding options

Your customers can either place advance bids, bid online during the auction, via phone bids, or participate in person.

Phone bidding

You can easily set up a schedule for phone bidding so you clearly see who to call and which items the customer is interested in.

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Online auctions

In Skeleton you can create the auction you want: daily auctions, monthly auctions, or special themed auctions. You choose the duration of the auction and how often you want your auctions to end. 


Your customers can easily bid online, and the system updates in real-time, providing a clear understanding of the bidding process. Additionally, you can also send reminders to bidders about items before the auction ends. Bidders are also notified on site when they are outbid.

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Appreciated Functionality

Skeleton offers a plethora of features that simplify and enhance the auction experience for both you and your customers. Here are just a few of the features available in Skeleton that we have developed based on customer's feedback. 

Unlimited images

Upload as many pictures as you want and organize them with drag-and-drop functionality.


Keep track of where your items are located.

Skeleton Checkout

Choose from various payment methods and make it easier for your customers to pay.


Automatically remind your customers about payment and item pickup.

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